Overtone musicians.

Klangkörper is a platform for overtone music based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Enter the realm of the overtones, adventurous sounds and enchanting frequencies.

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The picture on the left is taken from out try-out concert on Oktober 22nd 2016, a very intimite performance of Tuvan throatsinger Choduraa Tumat.

Previous editions.

Klangkörper #0 with Choduraa Tumat (Tuva).

Klangkörper #1 on January 14th 2017, with Borg Diem Groeneveld, Rowan Lee Hartsuiker and Danibal.

Klangkörper #2 June 16th 2017, Torgeir Vassvik (NO) & Mark van Tongeren.

Klangkörper Session #A November 24th 2018, @Pieterskerk: Borg Diem Groeneveld, HEUG, Omnistase, René Paes, MUSO, Harm Linsen, Cris Dus, Rico Rel Del

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