Overtone musicians.

Klangkörper is a brand-new stage for overtone music based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Enter the realm of the overtones, adventurous sounds and enchanting frequencies.

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The picture on the left is taken from out try-out concert on Oktober 22nd 2016, a very intimite performance of Tuvan throatsinger Choduraa Tumat.

Stage for overtone music

When you listen closely, they’re everywhere: overtones! High pitched, resonating notes, sounds within a sound. They can be heard in various instruments such as church bells, Jew’s harp and didgeridoo and last but not least the human voice. Klangkörper presents all different kinds of overtone music.

Living tradition

Klangkörper thinks of overtone music as a living tradition. Klangkörper introduces songs that’ve been written centuries ago, as well as modern music that’s being made with electronics, loops and effects. Enjoy unique artists and instruments, and dive into a new world full of adventurous music.


Klangkörper is all about resonance. All tones, overtones as well, can be heard because of a sound box, or resonator. By alternating the shape of the resonator, it’s possible to shape the timbre and colour of a tone. Possibly the easiest way to do this is with the most flexible sound box on earth: the human voice!

That’s why we’ve chosen Klangkörper as stage name: not only it’s German for sound box, literally translated it means sound body as well.

Previous editions.

Klangkörper #0 with Choduraa Tumat (Tuva).

Klangkörper #1 on January 14th 2017, with Borg Diem Groeneveld, Rowan Lee Hartsuiker and Danibal.

Klangkörper #2 June 16th 2017, Torgeir Vassvik (NO) & Mark van Tongeren.

Klangkörper Session #A November 24th 2018, @Pieterskerk: Borg Diem Groeneveld, HEUG, Omnistase, René Paes, MUSO, Harm Linsen, Cris Dus, Rico Rel Del

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